Woven wood shades come in hundreds of varieties of grass, bamboo, bark, twigs, twine, and even fragrant vines naturally grown as a renewable resource for woven wood shade production.  Most woven wood shades fold in a series of folds like roman shades, usually stacking at the top of the window, although they can be top down/bottom up.  Some grasses and fibers are sheer to allow outward visibility, while others are woven tightly for a semi opaque private setting. Liners can be sewn onto the back for additional privacy or light control.   Liners can be independent of the woven shade and, go up and down on their own lifting system.  Woven shades are available in a wide range of material costs. Some are very affordable while others are very exclusive, hand sewn and grown in the Far East.  They are available with several lifting options.